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“My Hoax Wasn’t Meant To Crash The Market, But Save The Environment.”

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“I bear the consequences for my decision to bluff ANZ bank with a fake press release. But the day will come when banks will have to choose between coal and their reputations.”

Jono Moylan was sentenced – to one year and eight months, suspended with the condition of good behaviour for two years and released immediately on a ,000 surety – for having mocked up a press release claiming that the ANZ Bank was no longer going to invest their customers’ money in the Maules Creek mine.

The reason for the hoax release. He could not believe the devastation that was placed upon his home town of Maules Creek.

It was once a great farming community but has since been desolated to retrieve the coal under the dirt.

Oddly enough the world is slowly turning away from coal but that will not keep money giants from doing their best to destroy the world for just a bit of profit.

It will never end! The world of money must be destroyed.


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““My Hoax Wasn’t Meant To Crash The Market, But Save The Environment.””