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Mind-Blowing 3D Interactive Sandbox

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Interactive sandbox created using 3D projection.

“Playing in the sandbox used to be my favorite activity as a small child. I remember making pretend volcanos, rivers, lakes,  and tunnels in the sand. Well, researchers at UC Davis have come up with a way to bring those imaginary landscapes to life with interactive 3D projection technology. The results are simply breath-taking!” said



“This amazing interactive sandbox responds to your actions, and can be built at home using common-place technology.” said


“All it takes is a digital projector and a Kinect.” said


“The projector displays an interactive topographic map, with contour and elevation in real-time.” said


“You can make hills and valleys, and the computer changes the projection to match the landscape!” said


“Museums around the world are starting to create their own interactive sandboxes…” said


“It’s not only fun… it’s a great way to teach kids about geography!” said


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“Mind-Blowing 3D Interactive Sandbox”