Mimetic Pollyalloy: New Process Allows “Shapeshifting” Liquid Metals

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Hollywood has been showing us Mimetic Pollyalloy for many years. The most famous is the shapeshifter, T-1001 Terminators. Liquid metal has the ability to “de-shape” or “de-form” and take any shape desired.

With new cinematography a previously impossible act was now possible and now, in the real world, a new process is available that “shapeshifts” metals.

>Liquids are versatile, flowing to areas of least resistance, finding their level. But metals have never acted like liquids because of their surface tension. Now through a new process that uses a liquid metal alloy, Eutectic Gallium Indium (EGaln), metal can be converted into a liquid using a 1 volt charge and formed into any shape.

>The process works when electrochemical oxidation occurs providing a high level of control over liquid metal in aqueous solutions. Liquid metal is then poured or injected into molds and the flow of liquid metal can be controlled and directed using positive and negative charges.

>The consistency of liquid metal can also be changed so that liquid metal fibers can be created. Again using positive and negative charges. This new technique can give engineers microfluidic control to configure metal into any desired shape.


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“Mimetic Pollyalloy: New Process Allows “Shapeshifting” Liquid Metals”