Million Mask March | November 5th

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November 5th is a symbolic date, more recently remembered due to the Movie “V For Vendetta”, but is attributed to Guy Fawkes, who unsuccessfully tried to “blow up” the House of Lords in London on November 5th, 1605, in his attempt to bring Catholicism back to England. The relation to Guy Fawkes however, is in the symbolism of the mask worn in the V for Vendetta movie, and of course a date which to most, represents a revolution.

The mainstream media is already pushing the idea that a “loose collective” known as “anonymous”, are the people organizing the event, however anonymous is more of an idea than anything and has no central authority or organizing capacity.

During the Occupy protests the Guy Fawkes mask became more common and due to the video’s put out by anon’s the media has concluded everyone in a Guy Fawkes masks is somehow a part of the group anonymous.

The Million Mask March is being held “to remind this world what it has forgotten, that fairness, justice, and freedom are more than just words”, according to the Official Facebook page.[1] which reads, ”Please share this event with everyone you know Peaceful march to meet and greet like-minded individuals. Please feel totally free to invite any and all of your friends. Absolutely no violence will be tolerated. Please be respectful as there may be children present and or in the area no drugs, no alcohol out of respect for the kids. there are quite a few things on the list of ” topics ” for this event, this will include but not limited to Government ( this is a big gray area ) Reform Education Pharmaceutical companies pushing meds War Constitutional rights Freedom Unity Drug abuse Respect for all of mankind Corruption Food – GMOs , Nutrition and health Children Violence worldwide Waking the people there many more things , too many to list. but just to name a few. FREE BRADLEY MANNING!”

The organizers are explicit that this is a peaceful demonstration/march and it is clear that the correlation to Nov. 5th, is the idea of Freedom, liberty, fairness, equality, and transparency.

The event currently has just under 130,000 invites, with 13,000+ people “going”, and as stated by the Facebook page ”is NOT associated with site as well as wiki poet or polymath poet due to their association with the great American revolt page as well as their actions.”

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“Million Mask March | November 5th”