Mark Zuckerberg Just Donated 5 Million to Fight Ebola

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan have donated 5 million to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help combat the Ebola crisis, which has killed more than 4,400 people in West Africa. Zuckerberg announced the nice chunk of cash via his Facebook on Tuesday.

Scaremongers in Congress and the media have Americans in a tizzy about Ebola: Nearly two-third of Americans now fear the virus will soon infect them or or someone they know. Although Zuckerberg’s donation won’t do much to quell the the panic, it’s certainly a nice response to recent criticism that Silicon Valley types have done little-to-nothing to combat the ongoing public health crisis.

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“Mark Zuckerberg Just Donated 5 Million to Fight Ebola”