Man Born Without Limbs Drives A Car For The First Time

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Being born without limbs hasn’t stopped Australian Nick Vujicic achieving more than most people.

The 32-year-old motivational speaker, who has Tetra-amelia syndrome that is characterised by the absence of arms and legs, featured in a TLC documentary on Wednesday U.S. time titled “Born Without Limbs.”

In the show, Vujicic speaks about his struggles, his family life with his wife Kanae and his two-year-old son Kiyoshi and driving for the first time.

“Ever since I was a kid, the burning desire in me was to do what everyone else could do,” he said in a preview for the show. This desire along with the unwavering support of his parents saw Vujicic push through his disability to live an amazing life.

Vujicic grew up in Melbourne, Australia, but has since moved to California. This led him to a U.S. company that fitted out a car for him so he could attempt to drive. Kanae is stoked she will get to do her makeup in the passenger’s seat for the first time.

After some initial hiccups with the set-up of the car — which allows Vujicic to control the vehicle with his mouth and prosthetics — he achieved yet another success.

“I can’t believe I just drove! That was surreal,” he said after taking a spin, according to Channel Nine.

Doing what is unexpected is not new for Vujicic, who was raised a Christian evangelist and has travelled across the world giving motivational talks. But, life wasn’t always easy for Vujicic, who struggled as an adolescent with depression and loneliness. It all started to come together when at the age of 17 he set up his own not-for-profit organisation, Life Without Limbs.

“I tell people to not give up. We sometimes wait for a miracle to happen in life — but the miracle never comes. I wish many things were different in my life. But knowing I can be a miracle for someone else makes my life worth living,” he said in the documentary. “We all have worries. I am not a superhero. But I embrace life and focus on what is most important.”

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“Man Born Without Limbs Drives A Car For The First Time”