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Magic Leap Releases Raw Footage Created With Its Augmented Reality Tech

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Magic Leap demos what Augmented Reality can do.

“Magic Leap, the secretive tech firm that’s backed by Google, just posted a video that gives the clearest look yet at what its augmented reality technology can do. The clip is a minute long and a caption says the footage was “shot directly through Magic Leap technology” last week, without any special effects or compositing.


The first few seconds of the demo feature a three-dimensional robot waving to the viewer. The second part superimposes a glowing, rotating solar system over video that looks like it was taken in a noisy office.” said


“Magic Leap, which has raised $592 million in funding so far, has kept a low profile as it prepares to debut its AR tech.


Back in March, Magic Leap posted a concept video, called “Just another day at the office at Magic Leap,” demonstrating how its AR can be used to surf email and play a first-person shooter game. The footage, however, was edited and produced with Weta Workshop, the special effects and props studio best known for its work on The Lord of the Rings films.” said

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“Magic Leap Releases Raw Footage Created With Its Augmented Reality Tech”