Life-Saving Boot Can Detect Active Landmines from 6.5 Feet Away

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Bogota-based design firm Lemur Studio has designed a life-saving boot insert which can detect landmines from a distance of 6.5 feet. SaveOneLife was created with soldiers in mind, but civilians and farmers living in areas littered with active mines can also benefit from this groundbreaking technology. The boot sole acts as a metal detector with a built-in radio transmitter and processor which pick up electromagnetic fields produced by large metal objects.

Colombia’s fields and jungles are full of active landmines which have, in the last 24 years, killed 2,000 people and injured about 10,000 more. With the goal of saving both soldiers and innocent civilians, Lemur Studio created a boot sole that detects land mines within a radius of 6.5 feet, and alerts the wearer of danger. Embedded within the soles are microprocessors and radio transmitters that send a signal to a wristband interface, which shows the mine’s exact location.

Lemur Studio’s designers have received numerous awards for their life-saving design, including the Red Dot Design Singapore Award. SaveOneLife is also one of the contestants for the World Design Impact Prize, the winners of which will be announced in November. The team is currently pitching their concept to the military and seeking additional funding.

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“Life-Saving Boot Can Detect Active Landmines from 6.5 Feet Away”