How it Takes More Than Practice to Excel

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A great practiced musician could freeze up in front of an audience, she said. Yet someone less skilled but with more confidence could shine.

So practice isn’t the whole story, said Case Macnamara (potential Doctoral candidate).

The supposed intellectual giant spent quite a long time formulating this opinion She thinks she has overturned the 20-year-old theory that people who excel in their fields are those who practiced the most.

“Don’t get me wrong. Practice is important,” said Macnamara, “It’s just not as important as many have thought. What does count for the skills is still unknown.”

I guess it takes 00,000 tuition and a piece of paper to come to a conclusion that a 10 year old could state.

Put me in coach. I wanna play.

His heart and 10,000 hours later could make him or her a phenom!

Keep studying Macnamara and make Princeton University

Her next step is to find out what factors contribute to being an expert on an instrument, playing field, in the classroom or at work. She hopes to investigate such factors as basic abilities, age when starting to learn the skill, confidence, positive or negative feedback, self-motivation and the ability to take risks.


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“How it Takes More Than Practice to Excel”