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Is Robot Journalism Great For Journalists Or Any Of Us?

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Last year, the company’s Wordsmith a “word-smithing” bot company, produced 300 million stories — more than every other media outlet in the world combined. This year, Wordsmith is expected to work even harder — producing more than a billion stories. Few of these will be gripping reads. Most will be sports recaps, personalized financial reports, just-the-facts types of news. But together, they’ll make up the biggest feat of news production in the history of the world.

Here is an example of how a “Journalist Bot” writes: ““Alcoa Inc. (AA) on Tuesday reported a second-quarter profit of 38 million, reversing a year-ago loss, and the results beat analysts’ expectation. The company reported strong results in its engineered-products business, which makes parts for industrial customers, while looking to cut costs in its aluminum-smelting segment.””

Can you tell the difference between a human written article and a bot written article?

Many can not.

At the moment, seasoned journalists are not “worried” for their jobs. Because they believe they are too valuable to the craft. They believe their creativity will win out over a computer generated report.

True, current bots only pull relevant details and paste together words from similar articles. BUT as with all things technology related, the “machines” will learn as will the programmers teaching them.

This example of machines taking our jobs is yet another example of what is to come!

What will your children do for work in the future? Where will they get money for food if machines have taken our places?

Think it not possible? Think again, farmers, factory workers, powerplant workers, horse and buggy operators and more no longer exist.

MacDonalds is testing out a new 100% automated store. If it works they are going to roll out the machines across all their franchise.

The future is coming and it does not look bright.


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“Is Robot Journalism Great For Journalists Or Any Of Us?”