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Is Quantum Intuition Possible?

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We have an inner intuition that is built into us from infancy. Some claim to have this intuition as adults but most people try to “refute” any claims of legitimacy.

Animals have it, they can sense earthquakes, storms and other natural and unnatural phenomenon before they happen. Babies tend to have it, like dogs and horse they seem to sense the good and bad in people.

Dogs can sense a human tremor 30 minutes before it happens.

Some believe we can all have these senses and more. Is it a matter of fine tuning our senses. Or is their an inner dial that must be set?

No one knows for sure but we do know if we can, it has something to do with Quantum Mechanics.

Those small particles that elude scientists. Those particles that when viewed, change. Those particles that act as waves and particles.

If we can “fine tune” our inner receptors then perhaps we have found the “God Equation”.


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“Is Quantum Intuition Possible?”