Introducing ZEDfactory: evolving zero carbon / zero waste design

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With 11 architects and a team of visualisation designers, the Zedfactory offers the full range of architectural services, from master- planning and design of large-scale ‘eco villages’ to one-off individual building commissions.

As leaders in the field of zero-carbon design and development, we have a unique track record of delivering Zero (fossil) Energy Development (ZED) buildings in the UK.

We work closely with leading UK academics and consultants to model predicted energy consumption and production, fluid dynamics, daylighting and whole life cycle carbon costs of our designs to ensure they achieve the lowest environmental impact possible.

We are always pushing the boundaries to try to advance the construction industry’s approach to low-carbon, low-impact buildings and to make the technologies and thinking more accessible to all. We have extensive experience in the design and realisation of energy efficient buildings of all types and sizes.

We believe that to combat global climate change and reduce carbon emissions we need to offer more than energy efficient buildings. Our target is a zero carbon / zero waste society capable of running off the limited supplies of renewable energy available within our national boundaries.

Prior to forming ZEDfactory, Bill was an associate architect for Michael Hopkins and Partners working on the award winning Nottingham University Campus.

He also developed the environmental strategy and façade design for Portcullis House, this followed 4 years of research collaborating with the leading environmental consultants in Europe, including Arups, CSTB Nantes, Christian Bartenbach and Conphoebus.

Bill has also taught at the Architectural Association and Kingston University and regularly speaks at a range of seminars and conferences all over the world.

In 1995 Bill built his own house, Hope House which is a prototype low energy live/work unit in which he and his family now live.

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“Introducing ZEDfactory: evolving zero carbon / zero waste design”