Immerse-A-Clean wand creates a cleanser from tap water

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The Immerse-A-Clean will take your institutional cleaning needs to a never before seen level of versatility, convenience and cost-effectiveness. This genuine innovation makes safe, sustainable cleaning and sanitizing solutions in virtually any container—wherever and whenever cleaning is needed. Best of all, there is no need to carry around numerous chemicals in order to clean, degrease and sanitize your establishment.

Simply submerge the Immerse-A-Clean into a bucket, jug, scrubber, or carpet extractor, add the catalyst, fill with tap water, press a button and in minutes a highly effective cleaner or degreaser is created. Or,if you prefer, insert the Immerse-A-Clean into water without catalyst and create ionic chemical-free cleaning.

For sanitizing, the Immerse-A-Clean™ creates a ph-neutral Sanitizer/Cleaner solution, delivering all the germ-killing benefits of other sanitizers — without harm to surfaces, clothes, animals, or people.

At literally pennies per gallon, the Immerse-A-Clean delivers bottom-line savings over traditional chemical-based cleaning systems, creating a virtually endless supply of cleaning and sanitizing solution. By eliminating the chemicals, the residues left behind, and the risks from inhaling chemical fumes, the Immerse-A-Clean is the safer way to clean and sanitize the places we live, work, and play every day. Easy-to-operate and built to last, the Immerse-A-Clean eliminates multiple steps from the cleaning process including buying, managing, handling and disposing of traditional cleaning chemicals.

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“Immerse-A-Clean wand creates a cleanser from tap water”