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Ice cream guys Ben and Jerry seek grassroots help to “Take Money Out of Politics”.

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It doesn’t take a political science major to understand that our American politicians are bought and sold by corporations and special interest groups. The cronyism that lobbyists and lawmakers get away with is out of control. More and more Americans are becoming fed up with seemingly having no say about what happens within our “democracy”.

Ben and Jerry are teaming up with to fight the corporate corruption of our American politicians and look to begin eradicating the use of money in politics. All you have to do is visit and buy one of a variety of stampers, then stamp bills with a message, they say. The movement seeks a constitutional amendment to “return our democracy to the people”. Ben and Jerry say that the act of stamping money is “only slightly subversive”, yet still entirely legal. They encourage people to stamp as little or as often as they like. The stamps are an easy way to get the very important word out about these corrupt, corporate puppet politicians, and are often excellent conversation starters.

As you will see in his photos, activist Rob Greenfield has taken this stamping money concept to a whole ‘nother level. What’s that? You think he and his friends should be worried about germs on a dollar bill? You know the man traveled 4,500 miles cross country on a bamboo bicycle, right? Just checking…

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“Ice cream guys Ben and Jerry seek grassroots help to “Take Money Out of Politics”.”