Ice Bucket Challenge Money Leads To ALS Breakthrough

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“More than 17 million people participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge to fight ALS, and now scientists say they have a major breakthrough.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins said the money raised spurred a tangible breakthrough in the fight against ALS.” said

“There’s this protein that doesn’t seem to be doing its job in the neurons of ALS patients, and for the past decade we’ve been trying to figure out exactly what it’s doing, and now I think we’ve finally figured it out. The best part is, it can be fixed,” said Jonathan Ling, of Johns Hopkins Medicine.


“The challenge, that was started by Pete Frates, who was diagnosed in 2012, raised $115 million for the ALS Association, and $77 million went straight into research.” said

“We did get one miracle out of this, and that was all the funding and awareness that came out of this. We just want one other miracle now, which is a cure, a treatment,” said Frates’ father, John Frates.

Round 2 of the Ice Bucket Challenge is now under way.

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“Ice Bucket Challenge Money Leads To ALS Breakthrough”