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“Human World” Explores What It Would Be Like If We Switched Positions With Whales In Captivity

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Prankster Rémi Gaillard and some friends had some fun dressing dolphins and sharks in order to terrify the public.

The basins of the marine theme park have been invaded by mud and “90% of facilities have been degraded”, according to director Bernard Giampaolo. As for animals, the management ensures that “neither the bears nor orcas or dolphins” are killed during the floods. “No orcas are not agonizing in the parking lot” we react to Marineland on the site. However, the park deplored the loss “of rays and small sharks” with aquariums were submerged by the wave but also “two loggerhead turtles.”


A request that was formulated through one of its viral videos, the troublemaker of the net, Rémi Gaillard. A few days before the Riviera storm, Montpellier had indeed released “Human World” which wants a review of a “society of the spectacle that encloses animals for entertainment.”

Rémi Gaillard agreed to react to the news that hit the French Riviera and in particular the Marineland which he had been expelled a few weeks ago as he turned his video. “Facing these storms, I am sad. Before sad loss of life. But I am also sad because the animals are in trouble so we could avoid that by closing these amusement parks. When you look behind the scenes it’s pretty scary. “


Sensitized to the animal cause for the documentary “Blackfish” and his meetings with the NGO “Sea Shepherd”, the French star of the web intends to put its reputation at the service of his feathered friends, furry and scaly. ” The videos are a little less funny but I try to raise awareness. “And it seems to work.” After my video on abandoned dogs, there was controversy with some feminists but the following days the SPA Montpellier beat his adoption records. Smart people understand the message knew was behind my video. ” “I have a rather large audience, I have no right to do nothing for the causes that I love.”

And after abandoned dogs before summer and dolphins of Marineland this fall, Rémi Gaillard will not stop defending animal rights. “I have a bull’s disguise, I should be able to find something to do.” ..

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““Human World” Explores What It Would Be Like If We Switched Positions With Whales In Captivity”