“How to Get Answers From the Future” – UPRISER Podcast

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Learn how information can travel “back in time” and answer nearly impossible problems. This is a debrief of our first “We Are From the Future” video.

  • Rumplestiltskin

    I am a firm believer, that we live in and are part of the timeless soup of interdimensionality and that our present can affect our past, reinforcing certain eddies in the tidal flow of our being.

  • Roy Toledo

    just think what would happen if someone was made you to confuse Entropy which means Freedom, with Chaos (which means freedom as well, just in a negative connotation).
    Believing that entropy is the opposite of beautiful goes agains the universe itself and the second law of thermodynamics, it is the most pure form of conformity ignorance

  • Drake Freeman

    Amazing podcast! Took notes and listened twice. Look forward to seeing you on the group call Friday Garett, I have some questions…

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““How to Get Answers From the Future” – UPRISER Podcast”