How iterative design + Steve Jobs made Apple products great.

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Former Apple employee Glenn Reid shared on his blog, “I can still remember some of those early meetings, with 3 or 4 of us in a locked room somewhere on Apple campus, with a lot of whiteboards, talking about what iMovie should be (and should not be). It was as pure as pure gets, in terms of building software. Steve would draw a quick vision on the whiteboard, we’d go work on it for a while, bring it back, find out the ways in which it sucked, and we’d iterate, again and again and again. That’s how it always went. Iteration. It’s the key to design, really. Just keep improving it until you have to ship it.”

That’s how we’ve been designing UPRISER. Like Steve Jobs, feel free to tell us the ways in which it sucks. We’ll keep iterating until it’s great.

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“How iterative design + Steve Jobs made Apple products great.”