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Hong Kong Students Storm Government HQ to Demand Full Democracy

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About 100 protesters linked arms as police surrounded them with metal barricades, some chanting “civil disobedience”.

Police employed pepper spray against protesters who scaled high fences surrounding the compound to oppose Beijing’s decision to rule out free elections for the city’s leader in 2017.

>”Hong Kong’s future belongs to you, you and you,” Student Leader Joshua Wong, a thin 17-year-old with dark-rimmed glasses and bowl-cut hair, told cheering supporters hours before he was taken away. I want to tell C.Y. Leung and Xi Jinping that the mission of fighting for universal suffrage does not rest upon the young people, it is everyone’s responsibility,” he shouted, referring to Hong Kong’s and China’s leaders. “I don’t want the fight for democracy to be passed down to the next generation. This is our responsibility,”


About 100 protesters remained within the compound while thousands of supporters outside chanted: “Free the people.”

>”We’re still demanding universal suffrage,” said Hong Kong Federation of Students leader Alex Chow.

The pupils rallied to support full democracy for Hong Kong, capping a week-long campaign that has seen classroom strikes and a large cut-out depicting the city’s leader as the devil paraded in public.

>”We have to act right now and not sit back. Too many people in Hong Kong are left cold by politics, but that’s not right. These politics will deeply affect our future prospects,” said 17-year-old Louis Yeung.


A pro-Beijing group gathered next to the students singing patriotic songs and waving Chinese flags showing support for electoral reforms in the Asian financial center.

>”We must stop these people from destroying Hong Kong. They must learn to love China,” said a woman surnamed Leung, who declined to say where the group members, clad in yellow shirts and red caps, were from.


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“Hong Kong Students Storm Government HQ to Demand Full Democracy”