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Haters Gonna Hate! Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts & More Read Vicious Tweets

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Celebrities may receive lots of adoration but they also receive plenty of extreme vitriol and hatred. Some of these celebs decided to take some of the power away from their detractors and turn the table on them by reading aloud the hateful comments directed at them.

For the latest installment of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets,” a variety of big- and small-screen celebs gathered to share the hatred.

“There are people who think Julia Roberts is hot,” the Oscar-winning actress read from one tweet before adding with a giggle, “Her gigantic mouth looks like it will devour an elephant in one bite.”

But “Two and a Half Men” star Ashton Kutcher maintained a much more stoic expression as he read what one person had to say about him.

“Ashton Kutcher needs to get hit by a bus. ASAP,” he deadpanned.

“Ethan Hawke seems like a guy who wasn’t supposed to be a movie star, but he slipped through the cracks and everyone was just like ‘OK,'” Hawke shared.

Eccentric street magician David Blaine, learned he looked like “his voice is putting his face to sleep.”

“(Matt Lauer) should come to Detroit and run full speed into me with his face, ” the TODAY anchor quoted a non-admirer Friday morning on TODAY. “And then he said something I can’t say.”

Al Roker read a tweet that said he resembled “a deflated balloon,” but according to Carson Daly, Roker is so beloved “it took Al three hours to find something remotely bad.”

Mindy Kaling had to read, “Mindy Kaling is not funny or attractive, she has an annoying voice and just plainly sucks…why does she have her own show.”

This certainly serves as a reminder that anyone who is successful and in the spotlight will always have to deal with the haters. It simply comes with the territory…

And it also explained by the simple fact that haters really are going to hate! A 2013 study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology corroborates the truism that you just can’t win with some people.

In their paper “Attitudes Without Objects,” psychologists Justin Hepler and Dolores Albarracin show that those who already hold a lot of negative views are more likely to react negatively to new stimuli.

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“Haters Gonna Hate! Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts & More Read Vicious Tweets”