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Hamas Hacks Israeli TV Sat Channel To Broadcast Pics Of Gaza Wounded

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It would appear that Israel and Hamas are trading more than rockets. bombs and missiles. There is no telling when it started but we know in 2009 that Israeli military forces reportedly hacked into a Hamas-run TV station to broadcast propaganda.

Then 2 years ago Hamas hijacked TV broadcasts when they took over Channel 10 and Channel 2 during Operation Pillar of Defense, which was a week-long Israeli armed forces operation in Hamas-governed Gaza Strip.

And more recently Hamas did it again, they took over an Israeli satellite channel for few minutes on Monday to broadcast pictures of Gaza wounded.

Viewers who tuned into Israeli Channel 10 reported seeing images of people wounded from Israeli airstrikes on Gaza as well as propaganda messages promising more rocket strikes on Israel from Hamas’ military wing.

The pictures of wounded were accompanied by a commitment to retaliate by Palestinian militants: “Your government chose the opening hour of this campaign. If your government does not agree to our terms, then prepare yourself for an extended stay in shelters.”

Terrestrial broadcasts were not affected, so viewers watching the station using digital converters did not see the messages, according to Israeli media reports.


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“Hamas Hacks Israeli TV Sat Channel To Broadcast Pics Of Gaza Wounded”