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Got Leftovers to Share? In Germany, There’s a Website for That

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A new German website aims to connect surplus food with people who need it.

* Europeans throw away 90 million tons of food each year, including these vegetables pulled from waste bins of an organic supermarket in Berlin. Food waste is not just a German problem. Wasting food costs the European economy more than 30 billion every year.

* Leftover food exchanges between strangers are happening in more than 240 cities across Germany through a website that connects people who have free food to give away with people seeking those items.

* Around 40 tons of food has been given away by more than 40,000 people via the network since it began online 18 months ago. Site members either list a “basket” they want to donate or look for one with the foods they need. There are no inspectors checking on food offered through the network, but consumers are encouraged to go online and rate the food they’ve received.

What an incredible idea! Hopefully we can see something similar replicated here in the states, where food waste is an even bigger national problem.


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“Got Leftovers to Share? In Germany, There’s a Website for That”