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Google To Rule The Skies… Close To Owning Satellite Startup Skybox Imaging For B Purchase Price

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The technology giant Google is making a strong play to rule the skies. In April they swept in and acquired Titan Aerospace and now they are making a Billion play for Skybox and a possible play for Planet Labs.

What do these tech companies have in common? Satellites, satellite imaging, data collecting and remote sensing.

What will Google do with these companies? At the moment it is unclear but imaging is certainly at the core of the tech giant’s business “Google Maps and Google Earth”

The problem Google currently has is that many of their maps are outdated because they rely on third party imaging platforms. Ownership in their own private satellites means real time updates to both of its core products and maps.

But mapping is only part of the mid term and long term initiatives.

Mid Term – More data for Google Earth Enterprises B2B Business Sector
From the “Earth Enterprise” main site it is stated that “Earth Services provides mapping data for large organizations, institutions and businesses. Earth Enterprise allows you to store and process terabytes of imagery, terrain and vector data on your own server infrastructure, and publish maps securely for your users to view using Google Earth desktop or mobile apps, or through your own application using the Google Maps API”.

Scott Soenen, CTO at Blackbridge (a competing data company) had this to say “A constellation of small imaging satellites, like what we already have in place today with RapidEye or what Skybox may have in the future, would give Google a very reliable, rich content source for imagery analytics and related applications,”

Long Term – Google To Rule The World
Ok, so maybe I am exaggerating on this point, or am I? Google has and is dramatically changing the landscape of the world, they are the dominating search force, they are the dominating mapping service and they are about to become the dominating data storage force. Are they stopping there? No, Google has there hands in a huge handful of other activities like smart phones, tablets, Robot Cars and who knows what else the genius Google teams are creating in hiding.

Is it good to have so much power? Even if the owners of Google have no mal-intent you can bet that government and big corporate entities do not have our best interest at heart and could possibly use the tech giant for their benefit.

Your thoughts? Too drastic or right on key?

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“Google To Rule The Skies… Close To Owning Satellite Startup Skybox Imaging For B Purchase Price”