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Germany to Use Manual Typewriters to Counter Endless U.S. Spying

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Germany may go old school to guard against spying.

The German government will continue to use encrypted e-mails and phones, but it could also expand its use of typewriters, said Patrick Sensburg, the head of the German parliament’s investigation into U.S. spying. The Germans are even considering using non-electronic typewriters.

Last year, German Chancellor Angela Merkel objected to U.S. National Security Agency surveillance in Germany, including her own cellphone.

Any information can be taken from computers nowadays, and the NSA takes everything they can get their filthy, immoral hands on. From a preservation of privacy and civil liberties perspective, the more primitive methods of communication preferred. Until, of course, the time comes that they can read your mind and prosecute though crimes.


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“Germany to Use Manual Typewriters to Counter Endless U.S. Spying”