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Free Markets Don’t Exist But A Basic Income Could Create A System Closer To The Ideal Society.

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Our free market system is failing and I bet you did not even notice.

Cost of the dollar is nearly 100% de-valued, machines, computers and robots are taking the jobs of hard workers, workers can be terminated at any point for any reason (and the number 1 reason is that “investors” are losing money, “free” market workers are not free,(they can not take restroom breaks when needed, or eat when they want, take breaks or work another business during their work hours), most retail items (insurance cost, medical care cost, gas and oil cost, homes, cars, food, communication tools and etc) have skyrocketed beyond the reach of most normal “Joe Citizens” – but what happened? The normal Joe was given “Credit”, out of control consumerism is a disease created by the big businesses of the world, our economy is driven by a “Gambling” racket called Wallstreet, our dollar is no longer back by gold, our government is now beholden to corporate entities and a privately held bank by the name of the Federal Reserve and MANY more items have all bankrupted our society and leading it down a long spiraling decline from which no return is possible..

And the worst part of it all… We have been convinced that this system is the best and only viable system in the world. We are ridiculed if we even suggest another way.

But there are other ways and one being proposed is called the Basic Income:

Basic Income is a proposed policy that would see the state provide a regular income payment to every adult citizen, with no conditions attached. Such a payment would be enough to meet basic needs for a frugal lifestyle, and would largely replace welfare, food stamps, and public pensions. It would also augment the income of poorly paid employed people, and provide a safety net for those with irregular incomes.

Basic Income is sometimes described as a citizen’s income or a social dividend, and is usually understood to be universal, unconditional, and guaranteed.

There is no amount of space that could fully describe every way to fix the solution or for that matter there is no way to fully describe the problem.

But let’s start looking for better ways, let’s start knocking down the walls of corruption and greed. Let’s stand together as one human race and fix the broken machine!


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“Free Markets Don’t Exist But A Basic Income Could Create A System Closer To The Ideal Society.”