Simple answer is you just add more water. It's the …" />

Farms in Saudi Arabia

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It’s called center pivot irrigation. Nice to see it from a birds eye view.

“We have this in the US too. Here’s Nebraska. it’s because of the irrigation. It’s a pivoting sprinkler that rotates.” [LouieCypher](

>Simple answer is you just add more water. It’s the reason the Ag industry accounts for a majority of potable water usage in the U.S.
“There are three ways to manage saline soils. First, salts can be moved below the root zone by applying more water than the plant needs. This method is called the leaching requirement method. The second method, where soil moisture conditions dictate, combines the leaching requirement method with artificial drainage. Third, salts can be moved away from the root zone to locations in the soil, other than below the root zone, where they are not harmful. This third method is called managed accumulation.” [LeftOverMeatLoaf](

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“Farms in Saudi Arabia”