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Facebook now wants to creepily “listen” to your music or TV shows

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As if they didn’t already have enough information stored on their over 500 million users, Facebook now wants to “listen” to your music and TV shows. The social media giant will be releasing the new feature on its mobile app in a few week’s time.

If the entertainment you’re enjoying is recognized by the Facebook app, users can publish info on their profiles about it. Facebook claims this service can take advantage of the “second screen” trend, which sees fans of TV shows in particular sharing their experiences on social networks. Of course, those of us who pierce the corporate veil can see some very real privacy problems with this technology.

The feature uses the microphones inside your smart phone to detect nearby music or TV shows. As the you start to update a status, an icon will pop up at the top of the app. If the app “hears correctly” what you’re watching or listening to, and then finds a match from its database you can then share your current entertainment.

Facebook says the feature can be turned off at any time, the audio recording is not stored anywhere and the device cannot identify background noise or conversations. I don’t think this is at all necessary, and it is just one more way for Facebook to add to the endless hordes of data they compile about their users.

What do you think? Innocent and exciting new technology or creepy new way to spy on you while you’re on Facebook?

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“Facebook now wants to creepily “listen” to your music or TV shows”