Facebook Marketing Manipulation Tactics Are Improving

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“Rather than data being used to make computers more intelligent, data is being used to make humans more predictable.”

Modern marketing is nothing more than modern brainwashing and manipulation. Marketing companies are using psyops and FaceBook is becoming a master of the game.

Facebook show how they can use editing within feeds to affect the emotions of Facebook’s users. Facebook data scientists demonstrated that when they prioritized happy content on a user’s feed, that user was more likely to post happy content back to the network. The same went for disgruntled content.

Manipulating people to behave in specific ways or to purchase specific items is not new but governments and business have taken the game to higher and greater levels.

This is scary to think that Facebook a trusted “friend” source is doing or performing some of the same tactics. Keep this in mind the next time you see a viral video or an ad.

The reason FaceBook is becoming “king” is because they have found out that they can build models that fit all people. In old school manipulation individual videos and pics had to be generated. They are working ever so diligently to make sure you are paying customer.

As Greg McNeal put it:

“What harm might flow from manipulating user timelines to create emotions? Well, consider the controversial study published last year (not by Facebook researchers) that said companies should tailor their marketing to women based on how they felt about their appearance. That marketing study began by examining the days and times when women felt the worst about themselves, finding that women felt most vulnerable on Mondays and felt the best about themselves on Thursdays.

The marketing study suggested companies should “[c]oncentrate media during prime vulnerability moments, aligning with content involving tips and tricks, instant beauty rescues, dressing for the success, getting organized for the week and empowering stories… Concentrate media during her most beautiful moments, aligning with content involving weekend guides, weekend style, beauty tips for social activities and positive stories.” The Facebook study, combined with last year’s marketing study suggests that marketers may not need to wait until Mondays or Thursdays to have an emotional impact, instead social media companies may be able to manipulate timelines and news feeds to create emotionally fueled marketing opportunities.”

Don’t let them manipulate you…


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“Facebook Marketing Manipulation Tactics Are Improving”