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Elizabeth Warren says the U.S. economy is rigged. Many conservatives agree.

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Why do conservatives surprisingly agree with Warren (D-Massachusetts)?

* According to a new Pew survey, 62 percent of Americans think that the economic system unfairly favors the powerful, and 78 percent think that too much power is concentrated in too few companies.

* Two-thirds of business people think the economic system is fair to most people, and 57 percent think that large companies do not have too much power.

* Many liberals think Wall Street is hurting the economy more than it helped it.

Unfortunately, most Americans are still stuck inside the pseudo-religious democrat/ republican hamster wheel. They fail to see the real reason our economy is rigged: the intra-species predation of the federal reserve, which has put our children into trillions of dollars of national debt. Thomas Jefferson warned against central banks for a reason.


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“Elizabeth Warren says the U.S. economy is rigged. Many conservatives agree.”