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Drone.VC Is A Venture Capital Fund Specifically For Flying, Swooping, And Zooming Robotic Drones

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David Weekly founder of Hacker Dojo is looking to create the first fund that caters specifically to the robo set drone world. He recently had this to say:

“This space is going to be enormous in just a few years as applications in agriculture, real estate, small-object delivery (especially in developing markets), videography, and construction abound,” he said. “I can’t wait to be surprised by the industries these things are useful for.”

How and when did he get his start? He found the love of drones when he ran his first autonomous mission with his own 3DRobotics IRIS quadcopter drone.

What was his inspiration to creating this amazing fund?

“I noticed a number of my friends starting to tinker with drones in the past few months – actually a lot of people who were web 2.0 entrepreneurs have gotten drones and started playing with them, so I was curious what all the fuss was all about,” he said. “The hairs on my arms tingled when we sent the drone on its first fully autonomous mission. Watching this thing I had just wirelessly commanded take off and perform a mission while streaming realtime telemetry to my laptop was really a 21st century moment, like seeing a self-driving car on the freeway.”

Weekly’s Next Steps: He is heading to DroneCon, he refuses to invest in military grade drones and he believes the drone industry will slowly but surely climb to well over 2 Billion.

Drones, whether you like them, love them or hate them, the one driving fact is: They Are Coming!


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“Drone.VC Is A Venture Capital Fund Specifically For Flying, Swooping, And Zooming Robotic Drones”