Day Care Now Costs More Than College Tuition in Most States

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Parents save for years to pay for their children’s college tuition, but a report released last fall that made headlines this week shows that parents in 31 states face a more costly expense far sooner: day care.

That report from Child Care Aware America, a child care resource and referral organization, showed that the annual cost of day care for an infant is greater than that of in-state college tuition and fees in more than half of the United States.

The state with the biggest gap, according to The Washington Post, is New York, where in-state tuition is ,500 — roughly ,000 less than the cost of child care. As shown in an interactive map from The Washington Post, the other states where child care costs far exceed higher education expenses are Alaska, Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon and Wyoming. South Carolina represents the other end of the spectrum, where college costs are about ,000 more than child care.

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“Day Care Now Costs More Than College Tuition in Most States”