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Miraculous New Device Bypasses Spinal Cord to Move Paralyzed Limbs

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How has this miraculous new technology allowed this man to move?

### By the power of thought.

That’s right. A young American paralyzed in a swimming accident became the first patient to move his hand using the power of thought after doctors inserted a microchip into his brain.

Ian Burkhart’s first attempt at using his thoughts to move his hand exceeded all his doctors’ expectations. While they had hoped he would be able to move one finger, he was able to curl his seemingly dead hand into a fist, open it out flat and pick up a spoon.

This incredible new advancement in medical science could eventually mean increased quality of life for millions of people who suffer from brain injuries. What an epic win for humanity.


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“Miraculous New Device Bypasses Spinal Cord to Move Paralyzed Limbs”