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Cronies, Corruption And Cash: Lawrence Lessig On Why We Need A Super PAC To End All Super PACs.

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In May, Mark McKinnon and Harvard Law School professor, Lawrence Lessig announced the launch of a contradiction — a super PAC to end all super PACs. Called “the Mayday PAC,”

The premise: Money in politics is out of control and the main area of focus is campaign financing. So the answer: Use money to get rid of money.


To go further:
“The aim of the super PAC is to win a Congress committed to fundamental reform by 2016. Fundamental reform in the way elections are funded. To do that, we want to run a pilot in 2014 in five districts to demonstrate that this issue matters to voters and to put Congress on notice in 2016 that we’ll be back in a much bigger way.”

The results so far:
They have raised million in just 13 days, the duo made clear that they were going to shoot even higher. If Mayday PAC could raise million by July 4, they said, a collection of wealthy backers had agreed to match. – I thought they wanted wealthy backers out of the system??? – What happens if they earn their money? “We will make fundamental reform the key issue in five congressional races. And win.”

Why do they think they need a Super Pac to end the money problems?
“In our view, the fundamental problem with American politics is that we have outsourced the funding of campaigns to a tiny, tiny fraction of Americans. Now, it would be obvious why that’s a problem if I said we outsourced the funding of our campaigns to the Chinese. Everyone would understand why that’s a problem. But it’s just as much a problem when we outsource it to a tiny, tiny fraction of Americans, because they have enormous leverage inside the process and that leverage systematically undermines the capacity of our democracy to actually do what the people want it to do. That’s been confirmed in a thousand ways, most dramatically, recently, by the study at Princeton by Gilens and Page, who found … in the largest empirical study of policy decisions in the history of political science … there’s no independent influence by the average voter on government policy, while there’s lots of independent influence from the economic elite and business interests. So that’s the problem.”

So in short, use the “people’s money bolstered by super rich people’s money” in order to elect people who do not want money in the political system???

Ok, yes it is a well known fact that there is WAY TOO MUCH MONEY being thrown around our political system. In fact some would say there are no longer clear lines between who our politicians are and who are the true leaders of the free world.

Throwing money after money is NOT the fix.

Perhaps there are other methods that can be discussed on another day.


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“Cronies, Corruption And Cash: Lawrence Lessig On Why We Need A Super PAC To End All Super PACs.”