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Comcast CEO Has A Ridiculous Explanation For Why Everyone Hates His Company

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Comcast is mostly hated because “it’s the company consumers have to deal with when other companies raise their prices.” Stated Brian Roberts CEO of Comcast

This statement was captured on Wednesday at a Re/code’s big conference, by Business Insider’s Nicholas Carlson. The conference was being held to discuss the Comcast take over of Time Warner Communications.

During the course of the meeting a participating conference member asked Brian Roberts why the two most hated companies in America were merging and asked why were they so “hated”.

The convoluted answer gives us a clue as to why the organization is not liked, but it did not answer the full question.

Who could blame Roberts? No one wants to throw themselves under the “bus”.

But, because Roberts would not give the answer, I thought it was time to share what ‘others” think the top reasons are that Comcast and Time Warner are so hated.

Can You Say Monopoly – In many areas Comcast is the only choice for high speed connections. And with the looming merger, this will make Comcast’s total “foot print” much larger and thus the Monopoly just got stronger.

Poor Customer Service – Both Time Warner and Comcast rate LOWEST out of all providers for all things customer service related.

Nickel and Dime Me To Death – Comcast is notorious for charging for small incremental updates and changes on many different options they provide. Most carriers provide those small items as a part of their overall packages.

High Cost – Cable companies charge more for their service. This one may not entirely be Comcast fault, because the networks charge cable companies MORE money to air the video packages. But, it does not help when a tiny bit of greed enters in and CEO’s, board members and a host of other players are getting rich, fat and happy off of their Monopoly earnings.

There could certainly be many more reasons but these tend to be the highest listed when customer surveys are taken.

So, what is your take on:
The upcoming merger of these 2 giants.
The customer rating you would give both companies.
Any other tidbits you would like to share with us.


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“Comcast CEO Has A Ridiculous Explanation For Why Everyone Hates His Company”