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China to Bring High-Speed Rail to America

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China to bring high speed rail travel to America. The track will travel 230 miles from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

“China may be the savior of America’s crumbling infrastructure. Last week brought word of China Railway’s partnership with XpressWest to help invest and build America’s first high-speed rail line. The planned 230-mile line would run between Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and construction is set to begin as early asSeptember 2016.” said

Plans to bring a rail line running from L.A. to Vegas have been told before by private companies and entrepreneurs, but lack of funds or other setbacks have always gotten in the way. Some were hopeful of improvements to the American rail system when, in his 2011 State of the Union address, President Obama proclaimed, “Within 25 years, our goal is to give 80% of Americans access to high-speed rail.”

China Railway International seems to be up to the task.


“Over the last few years there’s been a devaluing of the rail system by representatives in the United States government, declaring it an unworthy expense of tax dollars. Some, like Jeff Denham, Chairman of the House of Representatives subcommittee in charge of railroads have said, “High-speed rail can be a good idea; I just think it should be left up to the private sector.”

China Railway International seems to be up to the task. The capital is there, in the form of $100 million and XpressWest has already secured the permits for the first 185-miles. The grand plan is to have stations in Las Vegas, Nevada, Victorville, California, and Palmdale, California, and service throughout Los Angeles.” said

“Even if they lose money, they could develop a market for Chinese technology and services by demonstrating that they can implement a project.”


“As China’s first high-speed railway project in the United States, the project will be a landmark in overseas investment for the Chinese railway sector and serve as a model of international cooperation,” Yang Zhongmin, Chairman of China Railway International, said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency.

“This opportunity is an exciting one, though, from the outside it would seem the venture benefits the United States far more than it would China. However, Martin Wachs, Professor Emeritus of Urban Planning at UCLA told the L.A. Times, “Even if they lose money, they could develop a market for Chinese technology and services by demonstrating that they can implement a project.”

Who better to take on a high-speed rail project than the people responsible for a railway network of 10,000 miles?” said

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  • Bruce Brown

    Why dd it take China to do this?

    • DeathFromTheShadows

      because its chinese made junk

  • DeathFromTheShadows

    there area few things being ignored about high speed rail. The first is it is only good for about 100 miles at the max due to infrastructure maintenance requirements, minor track issues that standard rail is tolerant of will cause disaster with HSR. so the runs are short and relatively straight with only modest curving. Next it is dependent on additional mass transit on the offload end. without it its worthless. And of course there arent any stops on the route, it is point A to point B first due to the way it accelerates and decelerates, and secondly due to the need to run system checks in between every stop and start, due to the massive risk of parts failure that could result in catastrophic results. This isnt supposition, this is how the ONLY successful high speed rail systems everywhere else in the world function. What isnt considered is we do not jam all our industry into on massively toxic area Like china does, or Europe does. or most other countries and regions that are limited in land or refuse to use the land in a more environmentally friendly manner.

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“China to Bring High-Speed Rail to America”