Californians Spray Painting Their Lawns Green

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With historic water restrictions in place, Californians have come up with a creative solution for beautifying their brown and dying lawns…spray painting their lawns green!

Residents have turned to environmentally-friendly paint to keep their lawns green. The turf-dye industry was once limited to athletic fields and golf courses, but it is now booming as officials look to stamp out any non-essential use of water. Last month, Governor Jerry Brown ordered communities to cut water use by 25 per cent by early next year.

Residents across California have been demolishing pools, cutting back on showers and letting their lawns turn brown after experts estimated that there will be less than a year’s worth of drinking water left in the state’s reservoirs by the end of 2015.

Beverly Hills, 10 miles west of downtown Los Angeles, has since invoked its highest state of water emergency. This has led to them shutting off all fountains that don’t use recycled water, a ban on filling new swimming pools and a prohibition on restaurants giving patrons a glass of water, unless they ask for one.

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“Californians Spray Painting Their Lawns Green”