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Brilliant Device Could Completely Replace Crutches

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It is astonishing that the design of crutches hasn’t changed much since they were invented about 100 years ago. Behzad Rashidi’s brilliant Sit & Stand Walking Assistant addresses this anachronism and reconfigures the crutch into a hands-free aid that uses upper body strength to support the weight of an injured leg. The design was submitted as an entry to James Dyson Foundation’s annual Dyson Award.

A 27-year-old Ontario-based student designed a device that hangs the weight of an injured calf on quad muscles and uses a support system to transfer that weight over the entire backside of you leg. Rashidi’s device allows the user to sit while wearing it, which can be crucial during the recovery process. The design was submitted to the Dyson Award, which acknowledges innovative work that tackles concrete problems.

The device comprises a cushioned piece of plastic which acts as a seat and can self-adjust thanks to a simple hinge system. Unlike other modern crutches which, despite their innovative features, still require the user to stand while using them, Sit & Stand relieves any additional pressure on the knee by allowing the wearer to sit down.

Learn more here http://www.jamesdysonaward.org/projects/sit-stand-walking-assistant/

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“Brilliant Device Could Completely Replace Crutches”