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BREAKING: Activists Stop Shell Oil Vessel as It Attempts to Leave Portland Harbor

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Protesters from Greenpeace US are blocking Shell’s vessel from leaving Portland, Oregon and heading to Alaskan waters. Protestors are calling on Obama to say #shellno to Arctic drilling.

Greenpeace activists have suspended themselves from St. Johns Bridge in Portland, Oregon to stop the vessel. The climbers have enough supplies to last several days, and are prepared to stay in Shell’s way as long as possible.

From Greenpeace petition page:

The Obama administration recently gave conditional approval to Shell’s plans to drill in Arctic waters despite overwhelming risks to Arctic communities, wildlife and our climate.

It’s not too late. But we need to make our voices heard now.

After a public outcry, President Obama showed climate leadership in vetoing the Keystone XL pipeline bill. Now, we need to make sure he hears us again — loud and clear: No Arctic Drilling!

Ask President Obama and the Department of the Interior to show climate leadership and protect the Arctic by rescinding Shell’s Arctic drilling lease.

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“BREAKING: Activists Stop Shell Oil Vessel as It Attempts to Leave Portland Harbor”