35 things learned while running a startup

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Many have found that the hardest part to running a business is the start up. Finding and achieving forward momentum requires sweat and sometimes blood.

Imagine pushing a car, the initial effort to make the 2000lbs machine move is monumental. But as it starts to roll there is no stopping it! Business can be very similar!

“Here are 32 actual tips and lessons I’ve learnt from running my startup for over a year now:

[Edited: Yes, I know about half the tips conflict with, or directly contradict the other half. That’s the point!] [Edited 2: Reorganized the list to bring the contradictions next to each other. After all, running a startup is about learning to balance conflicts…]

.1. Build something you want

.2. Stay away from the nay sayers

.5. Spend on people, not furniture

.29. Hire people better than you.

.30. Trust your team with your soul.

.31. Fire negative people. Don’t think – just fire.

.3. Don’t buy your own bullshit

.4. Eat your dogfood

.7. ship! ship! ship!

.6. Don’t compromise on quality

.9. Deadlines are 2 months after what engineering promises

.10. If you know there’s a bug, don’t deploy. Shit becomes shittier, and pretty soon your entire codebase is one giant mess.

.11. You are not Facebook, Twitter or Google. Don’t overengineer.

.12. Fuck process. Get shit done.

.14. Respect customer problems. Ignore their suggested solutions.

.8. Underpromise, overdeliver

.16. Every customer is important. No single customer is important. Let customers drive your roadmap – not every feature.

.32. Obsess over support. You are in business to keep customers happy.

.27. Chase quality, chase satisfaction. If you want revenue, don’t chase revenue.

.17. Things will suck balls. Don’t give up

.15. Chase data, follow your heart

.18. First earn respect

.19. Don’t assign tasks. Share your vision

.20. Meet random people

.34. Don’t waste your productive hours networking.

.21. Do random stuff

.33. Be genuinely helpful.

.24. Be fair. Nobody ever went too far by screwing people over.

.22. Watch tv (or whatever lets you NOT think about work)

.23. Learn accounting and finance

.13. Eat good food

.25. Tip generously. If you can afford to eat out, you can afford to tip.

.26. Sleep enough.

.28. Schedule downtime for yourself. Great things happen when you give your mind some rest.

.35. If it brings in money, don’t outsource. If it’s just cutting costs, outsource.
Thanks ~[qvikr](http://www.reddit.com/user/qvikr)


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“35 things learned while running a startup”