Bernie Sanders Smacks Down Widely Despised & Corrupt Pharma CEO

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Bernie Sanders continues his fight against corporate greed. When prescription drug price gouger Martin Shkreli tried to donate $2,700 to his campaign to get a meeting with him, Bernie donated his money to an AIDS clinic.

Turing Pharmaceuticals chief executive, Martin Shkreli, was branded America’s least favorite CEO when he hiked the price of Daraprim from $13.50 to $750 — or about 5,000%. Daraprim is used by some HIV patients and others to treat a life-threatening parasitic infection.

Then he dared to try and buy a meeting with Bernie Sanders to discuss pharmaceutical policy by donating $2,700 to Bernie’s campaign. What Bernie Sanders then did is awesome. Congrats to Bernie for refusing his dirty money.

Bernie Sanders writes:

A Wall Street hedge fund manager named Martin Shkreli decided that he could make a lot of money off a life-saving drug for AIDS patients and other sick people by jacking the price from $13.50 per tablet to $750. Sick people be damned.

I started a congressional investigation into his price gouging. Shkreli promised to reduce the price, though he hasn’t done so yet.

But Martin Shkreli was angry. He didn’t like that I criticized him, so he tried to get a private meeting with me. And he thought the best way to do that was by donating $2,700 to our campaign.

That may be how other campaigns work. Not ours. We are taking Martin Shkreli’s $2,700 donation and are giving it straight to an AIDS clinic in Washington, DC.

Now I’m turning to you for help. I don’t need money from people like Martin Shkreli and the billionaire class. I need you.

Make a contribution of $25.66 — the average contribution we’ve received this past week — to our campaign to join the fight against corporate greed. Together, we can show Martin Shkreli and the billionaire class that they can’t have it all.

The economic and political systems of this country are stacked against ordinary Americans. The rich get richer and use their wealth to buy elections and legislation.

Saying to Wall Street and the drug companies and the rest of the billionaire class, “please, do the right thing” while taking their money to fund your campaign is both naive and ultimately ineffective.

If we’re serious about creating jobs and health care for all, and addressing climate change and the needs of our children and the elderly, we must be serious about campaign finance reform.

So far we’ve funded our campaign with more than 1.3 million contributions of about $30 a piece. Small contributions of whatever regular folks can afford will win the fight against corporate greed and beat the influence of oligarchs like Martin Shkreli.

Say you stand with me in the fight against corporate greed: Please make a contribution of $25.66 — the average contribution we’ve received this past week — to our campaign now.

When people come together, anything is possible. And together, we can take our country back from the billionaire class.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders

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“Bernie Sanders Smacks Down Widely Despised & Corrupt Pharma CEO”