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Avast Bought Your Phone On eBay & Recovered What You Thought You ‘Wiped’.

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Avast pulls some serious intel from a phone you thought you’d wiped clean with simple non hacking techniques.

“This guy was really into anime porn,” says Caroline James, PR manager for Avast, pointing to a spread of papers with pictures of data taken from 20 smartphones purchased on eBay.

Avast a security software firm recently bought the phones as a test to see what they could find on “wiped” phones. Here is a sampling: 40,000 photos — including nudie pics — 750 emails and texts, 250 names and addresses, one completed loan application, and a whole lot more.

The phones were purchased and tested as part of an awareness campaign by Avast to make people, specifically Americans, realize that they need security software installed on their phone.

As Avast points out, factory resets aren’t as thorough as we think they are.

That’s because when you delete a file, it’s not really deleted. This is true on PCs and phones alike. Even when over written some data can be retrieved.

“Selling your used phone is a good way to make a little extra money, but it’s a bad way to protect your privacy,” said Jude McColgan President of mobile at Avast. The company boasts that its mobile software doesn’t just erase pointers, it overwrites the file making it irretrievable.

While other siftware providers charge for their security, Avast does not.

So, perhaps you may want to give them a try.


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“Avast Bought Your Phone On eBay & Recovered What You Thought You ‘Wiped’.”