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ArcaSpace’s Hoverboard Uses Powerful Fans To Keep You Afloat For 6 Minutes

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ARCA Space Corporation announced today that it has created ArcaBoard. For the first time in history, every person will be able to fly whenever they want, wherever they want. ArcaBoard represents the first revolutionary breakthrough in motion since the bicycle, automobile and airplane.

“The year 2015 marked advancements in the technology of one of the biggest fantasies of the future: the hoverboard. Between Back to the Future Day and even Lexus dreaming up its own device, this year has been all about hovering. And now, the creators of the ArcaBoard have joined the movement. Built by ArcaSpace, this board’s Long Endurance model can hover for six minutes, powered by 36 powerful fans working in tandem to keep the rider lifted. This next step may shift us closer to McFly levels of our hoverboard dreams.” said

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“The ArcaBoard’s power, 272 horsepower to be exact, is generated by the electric ducted fans, which can hold a person weighing up to 243 pounds. The built-in stabilization system helps prevent taking a tumble, yet this feature can be deactivated through a phone app so the rider can navigate turns with bodyweight. The forced cooling system prevents overheating and aerospace grade composite materials lend to a light and sturdy frame.” said


“While the ArcaBoard limited capabilities for long-term travel (as well as its hefty $19,900 price tag) will likely result in few sales, the technology is promising. ArcaSpace operates mostly as a private space company and specializes in rockets and electrical powered aircrafts. Their steps toward perfecting hoverboard technology is exciting to the masses on a different level, as some or most of us may be using them as our primary mode of transportation in the not so distant future.” said

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“ArcaSpace’s Hoverboard Uses Powerful Fans To Keep You Afloat For 6 Minutes”