Apple Joins Other Top Firms in $140 Billion Climate Pledge

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Apple is joining forces with 12 top U.S. corporations to invest $140 billion to decrease their carbon footprints. The move, which is to be announced today, is part of a White House initiative to team up with private companies ahead of a United Nations climate-change summit later this year.

“Companies including Apple Inc., Berkshire Hathaway Energy Co., and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. will join Secretary of State John Kerry and top administration officials at the White House for the announcement,” reports Bloomberg.

The pledge will help cut emissions, provide financial help to environmentally-focused companies, and reduce water consumption. Together, the companies have vowed to produce 1,600 megawatts of renewable energy, which is enough to power around 1.3 million homes.

The pledge is part of President Obama’s plan to “build momentum toward a legacy-defining global climate accord in Paris,” Bloomberg adds. “They administration is using the pledges to set an example for companies to find ways to eliminate their carbon emissions.”

A statement from the White House said that is expects a similar round of pledges from other companies later this fall.

Apple has long been making efforts to be environmentally-friendly. Its one of a few tech companies that goes out of its way to use renewable energy, with 100% of its U.S. operations and data centers powered by renewable energy. It also makes its products as recyclable as possible.

“We consider our environmental impact during the earliest stages of design — finding ways to create products that use fewer materials and last longer,” Apple explains on its Environmental Responsibility page.

“The planet has a limited supply of clean water, so we make sure that our manufacturing processes reuse as much of it, as many times, as possible. When we work with suppliers that don’t meet our standards for water reuse, we help them improve until they do. And we make it easy and safe to recycle Apple products.”

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