Anti-Corruption Activists Make It Rain on Illinois Politicians

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Protesters interrupted the Illinois House Wednesday when they threw fake money down on state lawmakers as they discussed corporate tax breaks. The protesters, with the group named Represent Us, also held a banner that stated “With Liberty and Justice For Sale.”

The group was protesting what they say are “loopholes” in Illinois’ anti-corruption laws.

“Explosive scandals like the Blagojevich saga might grab headlines, but the real scandal is the loopholes that make quid pro quo corruption a fact of life in Illinois politics,” Represent Us activist Josh Silver said in a statement. “Money talks in Illinois, so we decided to speak to House members in the only language they seem to understand.”

The action took place just before lawmakers passed a million tax break for Univar, a chemical distribution company, to move its headquarters from Washington to Illinois, adding 69 jobs and preserving another 100.

The activists were escorted out by Capitol police and told they would be arrested if they reappeared.

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“Anti-Corruption Activists Make It Rain on Illinois Politicians”