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Anonymous Benefactor Leaks First-Ever Look At The Original Disneyland Prospectus

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“I would rather entertain people and hope they learned something, than teach people something and hope they were entertained.” — Walt Disney

This quote has hit home for many a truth-seeker and entrepreneur alike. You can have the greatest product or service ever made, and you can have the most mind-blowing truth to tell people – but if you don’t “hit ’em where they live”, or find a way to connect with your audience, it often means nothing.

Despite subliminal messages, and some questionable business practices, there’s no denying that Walt Disney was a stone genius: both as a visual artist/ animator and a businessman. I will let you formulate your own opinions about that. As a former Disney College Program Alum, I value the time I spent slaving for the Mouse; even though 60+ hours per week of forced smiles and “MAGICAL MOMENTS” in the sweaty Florida humidity wasn’t exactly a vacation. So for me personally, learning about the origins of Disney parks was very interesting. has presented the first-ever look at the original Disneyland prospectus. A prospectus is also known as an “offer document.”

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Original “Mickey Moneybags” Artwork ©P183

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“Anonymous Benefactor Leaks First-Ever Look At The Original Disneyland Prospectus”