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Anarchists Governed The Capital City Of Reykjavik. And The Amateurs Achieved Astonishing Successes

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Punk rocker and comedian Jón Gnarr took political office by storm in the Icelandic town of Reykjavik.

He won with a landslide decision of over 34%. No one expected this decision but who could blame the citizens?

Big banks and corrupt government entities left them broke and on the edge of collapse.

No one including the citizens that voted them into office expected the amatuers to do anything positive but boy did they.

In four years: The punks put the city’s financial house in order. “They can also look back on some very successful speeches, a few dozen kilometers of bike paths, a zoning plan, a new school organization (that no one complains about any more) and a relaxed, booming city – tourism is growing by 20% a year (and some say that is the new bubble). In speeches, president Grímsson no longer praises Icelanders’ killer instinct, but their creativity. Real estate prices are again on the rise and the Range Rovers are back too. In polls last October, the Best Party hit its high-water mark of 38%. Shortly thereafter, Gnarr announced he would retire and dissolve the Best Party. His reason: «I’m a comedian, not a politician.» He added: «I was a cab driver for four years, a really good one even, and I quit doing that as well.”

The staff he made the change with included artists from many walks of life, Band members, painters and anarchist of all types.

The point? Government can be run but normal men. And those normal men who are not beholden to big money may even be able to do it better.


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“Anarchists Governed The Capital City Of Reykjavik. And The Amateurs Achieved Astonishing Successes”