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Amendment to Overturn Citizens United Now Supported by Half of Senate Members

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It is well known that the current U.S. political system is rigged for the elite and not the common man. In-fact, the ascension of the wealthy pulling the strings in Washington DC has long been underway, but the 2010 US Supreme Court Citizens United decision put the outcome of elections – particularly on the federal level – more and more in the hands of the 1%.

Never before have the elite had such a global impact and total control, particularly true in an age when television and television ads, play the most significant role in forming voter perceptions. TV and most news outlets are currently owned by and controlled by the same people who are gaining power in our political system.

>Several campaigns are underway to amend the US Constitution to exclude both the concept of corporate personhood and unlimited political campaign spending in whatever form.

Should the proposed amendment be passed in Congress, it must then receive the approval of 75 percent of the 50 state legislatures to be ratified as a constitutional amendment.

As a result of these efforts, “Public Citizen” announced that 50 US senators now support a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision:

Thus far, 16 states, approximately 550 cities and towns, and more than 160 former and current members of Congress have indicated support as has President Barack Obama.

All this advocacy and support indicate that grassroots democracy is alive, well and fighting back for people – not dollars – to determine who is elected and what public policies are put in place.

Yes, it may be a long time but will true grass roots democracy prevail?


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“Amendment to Overturn Citizens United Now Supported by Half of Senate Members”