Amazon working on delivery-by-drone

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The big reveal from Sunday’s 60 Minutes interview with Jeff Bezos was an Amazon drone delivery prototype that could supposedly deliver goods to some locations within 30 minutes. Bezos said the effort wouldn’t be a reality anytime soon, and here’s why: Commercial drone usage isn’t greenlighted by the FAA yet — the agency is currently creating test centers where it can work on rules to integrate drones into U.S. skies. Those rules — which digital privacy advocates, by the way, have been making noise about for months — aren’t likely to come until at least 2015. Read about it here:

Also of note: Bezos was asked whether Amazon’s cloud contract with the CIA presents a “conflict for you.” He told Charlie Rose that he didn’t think so — but there was no mention in the segment of Bezos’ August purchase of the Washington Post, including what that means for Amazon’s business with the government.

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“Amazon working on delivery-by-drone”