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Alabama Fraternity to Build Micro Homes for Homeless Veterans

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Foundations for Tomorrow is a good deeds foundation created by the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity from the University of Hunstville Alabama. This brain child was founded because these college students saw the plight with homeless veterans in their local community.

The initiative is to build tiny mobile homes for homeless veterans. The plan, place 30 homes on just 1 acre of land.

The city plots have been selected and are available for purchase. The Alabama Center for Sustainable Energy is even providing solar panels for the homes so energy is cost-free. Living, eating, working, gardening, and just sharing better quality lives together is all the fraternity wants for the homeless.

Cost of the homes are 000 to build. They are 500 square foot micro-homes.

The boys will be building the houses themselves.


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“Alabama Fraternity to Build Micro Homes for Homeless Veterans”