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Activists Attempt To Block Trucks At Sacramento Nestle Plant

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October 16th, 2014 Activist successfully shut down a Nestle bottling plant in Sacramento, CA. This was all due to Nestle’s reckless use of water during California’s record drought.

“A handful of people are outside the south Sacramento plant to protest the company’s water use.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 10.20.28 AM

The activists are making a stand Friday morning and are trying to block trucks from getting in and out of the facility.

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“They’re doing this while we’re in the middle of this drought, while everyone else is being told you can’t water your grass, you can’t wash your car,” said protester David Jackson. “They waste huge amounts of water in the bottling process that doesn’t go into the bottles.”

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Nestle issued a statement saying they are taking every possible avenue they can to conserve as much water and they are just as concerned as all the rest of California during this drought.” said

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“Throughout California, Nestlé has undertaken strict water conservation and stewardship efforts as at each of our bottling and manufacturing operations, including here in Sacramento, where we employ 55 members of the community. The measures are projected to save 144 million gallons of water annually around the state by the end of next year,” Nestle wrote in a statement.

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“Protesters showed up at the plant just before dawn to blockade the truck entrances and say they are willing to risk being arrested.” said

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“Activists Attempt To Block Trucks At Sacramento Nestle Plant”